Introducing New Prestashop 1.6

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Prestashop has released its newly and ambitious Prestashop version 1.6. alpha. This new prestashop version has great new admin and Dashboard section with RESPONSIVE screen. Prestashop has great insights about their users and thus they have introduced Great new Responsive template both for admin as well as for Front end which is yet very rare. This may be the first attempt by any cart to provide responsive template for front end as well as for back end.


Prestashop considering most innovative cart due to new upgrades with exciting features that shows where their contributor want to see their cart in future.


Prestashop 1.6

We have set a testing environment for those who want to see prestashop 1.6 Live and test its new features.


Prestashop 1.6 Live Demo:
Live Prestashop Version 1.6 AdminCLICK HERE
Usermail : [email protected]
password: publicaccess1

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