Wordpress Change From Email Address Received in email

There are many things in wordpress that really creates complexity for user to customize the facility. Yes, truly wordpress has lots of plugin available but too much use of plugin makes wordpress and your life truly hard, thus core hacks for wordpress is morely acceptable, but do take care while you are upgrading.

Now, whenever i am receiving any mail from my wordpress website, it is coming from wordpress@mysitedomain.com.

How to change this email address?

Simple, go to /wp-content/themes/your_theme and open functions.php file  and add following code at the end of your file.

add_filter('wp_mail_from','custom_email_from'); function custom_email_from($mail)


$mail = 'ADDYOURMAIL@YOURMAIL.COM'; // Replace the email address here

// return $mail;


Now you have successfully changed "FROM:" email address, next you would also like to change Notification name from Wordpress to Any other. Please add following code just after above code in your functions.php file


function custom_email_from_name($name) {

$name = get_bloginfo('wpurl');//or put your own text here return $name;



Save this file and upload back to your server.

Please like this if this works for you or leave me comment if you face any problem.